Superior Dog Fence

Superior Dog Fence was established by David Meade and has been working to successfully train and contain thousands of dogs since 2013.

I (David Meade ) decided to become an independent dog fencing contractor to fulfill my passion to see owners enjoy their time with their dog family members and keep them safe. I personally have felt the effects of not having a good containment system. As a boy, I had asthma and could not have a dog due to the fur triggering an asthma attack. When I became a teenager, my asthma was suppressed enough to be able to have a dog. He was a Bluetick Hound named Harley. My lifelong dream was to have a dog, and it finally became true.

One day coming home from school, entering my home I did not close the door all the way, and like many…, many times before, Harley escaped. Normally, when he escaped, it took our entire family to catch him, which took hours. Harley thought it was a game, and when Harley finally lost the game, we were blocks away and dreaded the hard walk home. But this time was not like the other times, when Harley escaped, he was hit by a car, and the car ran from the scene. We took him immediately to the vet hospital, but there was nothing that could be done.

We were not aware of containment systems at the time, and if we were, we still would not be able to afford the high dealership prices. So, believe me when I say it is my passion to provide my customers a unique, affordable experience – one that will provide a lifetime of safety and enjoyment for you as the customer and our little (or big) friends.

Being a locally owned and independent dog fencing contractor gives me the freedom to provide industry-leading technology at affordable prices without any restrictions like other dealerships. With my years of experience in the dog containment industry, I have developed a training system “Gentle Approach, a system that caters to you and your dog’s specific breed and experiences. Within 4-5 days, this training will allow your dog the freedom and the peace of mind you both deserve.