DOG FENCE PRO® CTV Dog Fence System Questions & Answers

Does the CTV Dog Fence System Come with a Warranty or Guarantee?

Absolutely! For more in-depth information, please click here.

Does the CTV Dog Fence System Come with a User Manual or Installation Guide?

Yes! The CTV Dog Fence System Owner's Manual is readily accessible on our website. Please click here to access it. Alternatively, for your convenience, you can also scan the QR code present on the CTV Dog Fence box to view the CTV Owner's Manual. This resource will provide comprehensive instructions and information for the optimal use of our CTV Dog Fence System.

How Much Boundary Wire is Included in the CTV Dog Fence Kit? Can I Purchase Extra Boundary Wire if Needed?

With DOG FENCE PRO®, you're investing in a professional-grade dog fencing kit. This implies that you, as the customer, would need to determine the required boundary wire size (gauge) and length for your specific needs. However, you're not alone in this decision-making process—our website provides useful information and guidance to help you make the right choice. We're committed to ensuring you have the best and most suitable fencing solution for your pet. If you still have questions or require further assistance, feel free to submit a Support Request. Our experienced and knowledgeable Support Team, based in the USA, is ready and happy to guide you through the process.

Is DOG FENCE PRO® Customer Support Available if I Encounter Problems with the Product? How Do I Get Support for the CTV Dog Fence System?

Definitely! You can readily reach out to our USA-based Support Team through our official Support Page available on our website. We are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive assistance to ensure a seamless experience with our products.

How Can I Train My Dog to Understand the CTV Dog Fence System?

To ensure the effective use of the CTV Dog Fence System, we recommend adhering to the training guidelines detailed in the Online Owner's Manual. You can also conveniently access this manual by scanning the QR code provided on the CTV Dog Fence System box. Following these instructions will help in achieving the best results for the safe containment of your pet.

Does the CTV Dog Fence System Require Regular Maintenance?

While routine maintenance isn't required for the CTV Dog Fence System, we highly recommend spending a few minutes each month to verify its functionality. In addition to this, it's essential to ensure that the Receiver Collar is always adequately charged. These simple checks will help keep your CTV Dog Fence System running smoothly.

How Much Area Can the CTV Dog Fence System Cover?

The CTV Dog Fence System Transmitter is designed to cover up to a sizable 20 acres. This is achieved using high-grade #12awg direct burial wire. If your area covers around 10 acres, our recommendation is to opt for #14awg direct burial wire. For our customers managing less than 5 acres, we suggest #16awg direct burial wire. Visit our Online Store to view our direct burial wire options.

How Deep Underground Does the Dog Fence Wire Need to Be Buried?

While it's not a requirement for the wire to be buried for the dog fence to function efficiently, deeper wire burial helps to minimize accidental wire breaks, thus increasing the longevity of your dog fence. Burying the dog fence wire up to 10 inches deep is perfectly acceptable and won't hamper the dog fence functionality. However, even if your wire isn't buried—ranging from 0 inches to 10 inches deep—the dog fence will still function optimally.

What Happens if the Dog Fence Wire Breaks? Can I Fix It?

Should a boundary wire break occur with your Dog Fence System, the CTV Transmitter is equipped with an audible wire-break alarm. This feature immediately alerts you to any damage to the boundary wire, enabling swift remedial action. If this happens, the boundary wire break can be fixed either by you or by a local professional in your area.


Carrying out the Dog Fence boundary wire break repair yourself is relatively simple, provided you can locate the boundary wire break and have access to both ends of the damaged Dog Fence boundary wire. Even though the boundary wire does not carry electrical current, you can disconnect the CTV Transmitter for extra safety, if necessary. One crucial aspect to remember when repairing any dog fence boundary wire break is the use of waterproof underground connectors, such as those supplied within the DOG FENCE PRO® CTV System kit.


However, if finding the dog fence boundary wire break proves challenging, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance. For convenience, we provide a comprehensive list of local contractors on our website who can offer their expertise. Furthermore, there are numerous YouTube video tutorials available that provide detailed step-by-step instructions to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Can I Use the CTV Dog Fence System for More Than One Dog?

Yes! Our CTV System can easily manage multiple dogs. However, keep in mind that each CTV System Training Remote can control up to 2 dogs. This means that for more dogs, additional Receiver Collars will be required, along with one Training Remote for every 2 dogs. If there's no need for a Training Remote, then our MVP Receiver Collars are an excellent alternative. These options make our CTV System versatile and adaptable to households with any number of dogs, providing an effective and user-friendly solution for maintaining the safety and boundaries of your pets.

Does the CTV Dog Fence System Work with All Dog Breeds and Sizes?

Yes. The reason we put a weight limit is because of the size of the Receiver Collar. Our innovative CTV Receiver Collars offer the ability to adjust the static stimulation levels to match your pet's sensitivity, ranging from extremely low to very high, across 99 distinct levels. However, for optimal results, it is critical to diligently follow the Dog Fence Training Guidelines outlined in the CTV System Owner's Manual. This ensures not only the best performance from the CTV System, but also the maximum safety and comfort for your pet.

Is the CTV Dog Fence System Safe for Puppies?

Thanks to the adjustable low stimulation settings on our CTV Receiver Collars, you can usually start training your dogs around 12 to 16 weeks of age. Smaller breeds tend to be ready for the training closer to the 16-week mark, while larger breeds can generally commence the training a bit earlier. This ensures an effective and gentle introduction to the boundaries of your property, no matter your pet's breed or size.

Is the CTV Dog Fence System Compatible with Sloped and/or Hilly Yards?

Indeed! The CTV Dog Fence System is designed to work effectively in all kinds of landscapes, including sloped or hilly yards.

Does the CTV Dog Fence System Work in Snow or Other Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, the signal coming from the CTV Transmitter is robust and consistent. Unless an extraordinarily large obstruction is placed that surpasses the Boundary Wire signal barrier, the CTV Dog Fence System continues to function effectively.

Can I Expand the CTV Dog Fence System Later if I Move to a Larger Property?

Indeed, with the right Boundary Wire and our recommended High Visibility Boundary Flags, the CTV Dog Fence System can efficiently cover up to 20 acres. The Boundary Flags serve as a visual cue, helping your dog easily familiarize themselves with the expanded boundary.

What Is the Range of the Warning Before My Dog Reaches the Boundary?

The CTV Dog Fence System is a 75/25 split between warning and static stimulation. That distance is dependent on how much signal you apply at the CTV Dog Fence Transmitter. 

What Happens if My Dog Crosses the Dog Fence Boundary?

In the event your dog crosses the dog fence boundary, your dog will receive a gentle vibration as a warning when your dog approaches the boundary. If your dog continues moving closer to the dog fence boundary, a pre-set static stimulation level of your choice will be applied. Should your dog cross the boundary, the static stimulation will eventually cease on the other side. This is when you need to consider potential causes: it might be a loose receiver collar, a depleted battery, a correction level that's not strong enough, a correction zone that's too small and permits the dog to cross with little or no correction, or perhaps your dog was allowed off-leash too soon during the training process. Addressing these issues promptly will prevent your dog from developing a habit of crossing the dog fence and learning how to overcome it.

Can I Adjust the Dog Fence Boundary Width or Shape to Fit My Yard?

Absolutely! You have full control over the boundary wire layout as per your specific requirements during installation. Moreover, you can adjust the signal strength of the transmitter to customize the dog fence boundary limits. It's crucial to carefully plan the dog fence boundary wire placement as your dog will maintain a minimum distance of approximately 4 feet from wherever the boundary wire is laid.

Is There a Risk of Interference with Other Electronic Devices or Dog Fence Systems?

Yes, there can potentially be interference with underground utilities when setting up the CTV Dog Fence System. Therefore, it's crucial to be aware of the locations of these utilities when planning your Boundary Wire Layout.


We recommend not positioning the CTV Transmitter near devices that produce significant magnetic fields. This includes appliances like refrigerators or freezers compressors and pool pumps, among others. By taking this precaution, you can avoid potential interferences and ensure the effective operation of your CTV Dog Fence System.


The CTV Dog Fence System operates on a 6.5khz frequency, which is ideally suited to prevent interference with neighboring fences. Nevertheless, it's still recommended to maintain a distance of approximately 3 feet or more from any existing neighboring dog fences.

Can the CTV Dog Fence System Be Used to Prevent a Dog from Entering Certain Areas Inside the House?

The CTV Dog Fence System comes equipped with a Training Remote for easy control and customization.

Does the CTV Receiver Collar Use Static Correction? Can the Static Stimulation Level Be Adjusted?

Absolutely! Our CTV System offers a high level of customization with 99 distinct levels of static stimulation. These static stimulation levels can be easily adjusted by you using the handheld Training Remote, providing precise control over the boundary settings for your pet. This feature ensures that the CTV Dog Fence System can be tailored to your pet's specific sensitivity level, enhancing safety and comfort.

Is the CTV Receiver Collar Waterproof?

Yes! The CTV Receiver Collar is waterproof to meet IPX7 standards. When it comes to swimming, we recommend keeping it to a minimum as a precautionary measure. Reducing the frequency of swimming helps ensure the CTV Receiver Collar longevity and optimal performance.

How Long Does the CTV Receiver Collar Battery Last? Is It Rechargeable?

The CTV Receiver Collar is rechargeable for optimal convenience. The CTV Receiver Collar battery life, however, is contingent on the usage mode, your dog's behavior, and the size of the available area.


In Fence + Training Remote mode, you can expect the CTV Receiver collar to last approximately 96 hours before needing a recharge. If the CTV Receiver collar is used in Fence only mode, the battery typically lasts about two weeks before recharging.


Notably, the available area for your dog plays a crucial role in the battery life—the larger the area, the longer the battery will last. This is because your dog won't be near the fence boundary as frequently, resulting in less power consumption. Hence, all DOG FENCE PRO® Receiver Collars adapt to your pet's environment, ensuring prolonged usage and reliable performance.

What Material Is the Collar Made Of? Is It Comfortable for the Dog?

The CTV Dog Fence System includes a comfortable nylon collar designed for all-day wear. When fitted as per the instructions provided, the collar should not cause any discomfort to your dog.