Portable Dog Fences

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 03/21/2023

What Is a Portable Dog Fence?

A portable dog fence, also known as a virtual dog fence or temporary dog fence, is an innovative solution that allows you to travel and vacation easily with your dogs. A preferred portable dog fence will typically allow for easy configuration and should have the ability to be easily taken down when finished. Depending on the brand, expect to see various wireless technologies, receiver collars worn by dogs, boundary flags, and more prestigious brands offering handheld training remotes, which pair well with portable dog fences. Training remotes greatly assist with dog training and humanely correcting any unwanted behaviors should the need arise.


How Does a Portable Dog Fence Work?

The functionality of a portable dog fence system is dependent on the brand and the containment needs of the particular dog(s), as portable dog fences can greatly vary. For example, some brands offer portable dog fences that involve the use of GPS receiver collars (or traditional non-GPS receiver collars), handheld training remotes, boundary flags, etc. You may come across inconvenient options like temporary boundary wire that rely on the use of transmitters to transmit the signal through the temporary boundary wire, which isn’t preferred by most modern-day dog owners. While this may vary depending on the brand, typically, when your dog approaches the set boundary zone, the receiver collar emits a warning tone and/or vibration. If your dog ignores the warning tone and/or vibration and continues advancing towards the boundary zone edge, the receiver collar, in this example, administers a safe and humane, mild static stimulation to deter any further progression.


Is a Portable Dog Fence Safe for My Dog?

Yes, portable dog fences are safe and humane for dogs. The vibration and static stimulation delivered by the receiver collar are mild and designed only to startle your dog, not harm them. However, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper configuration and ensure the portable dog fence is used in conjunction with a consistent and proven training program.


When Might I Need a Portable Dog Fence?

Anytime you are vacationing or traveling away from home! We recommend using your best discretion to identify a safe location for your dog when using any portable dog fence. Keep in mind that other dogs and animals can enter the portable dog fence; dog supervision is required for all portable dog fences.


How Can I Use a Portable Dog Fence for Camping?

To use a portable dog fence for camping, select a suitable area at your campsite. Verify the portable dog fence is configured accordingly as per the brand's instructions and provide your dogs with adequate space to move around comfortably. Always monitor your dogs when they are inside the boundary zone when using the portable dog fence, and never leave your dogs unattended. When speaking with our customers, many use their virtual dog fence for camping with their dogs, effectively allowing their dogs to safely enjoy the great outdoors while still remaining contained within the defined boundary zone. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use a portable dog fence while camping. If you are in the market for a portable dog fence for camping with added features, check out the Contain, Train, Vacation System™ by DOG FENCE PRO®.


How Can a Training Remote Improve a Portable Dog Fence?

A training remote is a handheld device that allows you to communicate with your dog's receiver collar in a safe and humane fashion. By pressing a button on the training remote, depending on the brand, you can trigger a warning tone, vibration, or static stimulation, helping to reinforce portable dog fence training and improve your dog's overall behavior. Training remotes can be especially helpful when teaching your dog to respect the boundaries of a portable dog fence or virtual dog fence, as well as for general obedience training.