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Training Remote Features

Our Training Remote System is an advanced device that enables remote control training of your four-legged companion. Utilizing a signal transmitted to the dog's receiver collar, it generates an auditory tone, gentle vibration, or static stimulation to gain the attention and rectify undesirable conduct. This device facilitates communication with your dog even when not in clear line of sight, providing an effective means of reinforcing commands and correcting negative behaviors. Additionally, it represents a humane approach to training, and is particularly useful for dogs that are easily sidetracked by their surroundings. You can use the tone button for recall or reinforcing positive behavior. Furthermore, our customers have had great success with training their deaf dogs on our training remote solution. It's an essential tool for any dog owner who desires to provide their pet with the highest level of training by leveraging the following features:

  • Range in open field is up to 1.25 miles. However, the maximum range may fluctuate due to varying terrain conditions.
  • The LED flashlight function enables locating a pet from up to 100 yards away at night.
  • Capable of training up to (2) dogs from the same handheld training remote.
  • Offers (99) levels of static stimulation for tailored training.
  • Provides both momentary and continuous static stimulation options.
  • The “Beep” sound is activated with a separate button for attention or command reinforcement.
  • Vibration feature activated with a separate button for non-static stimulation correction.
  • The handheld training remote rotation dial allows for intensity setting adjustments.
  • Dog selection switch enables switching between dogs for multi-dog training.
  • LED display provides clear visualization of static stimulation correction levels, training mode, dog ID, and battery level.
  • Handheld training remote remembers the static stimulation levels for different dogs, enabling consistent training.
  • Easy operation with tactile rubber buttons.
  • The handheld training remote is waterproof to meet IPX6 standards.
  • The receiver collar is waterproof to meet IPX7 standards.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery for both the handheld remote and receiver.
  • Includes a strong 1” nylon collar strap to ensure durability and comfort.
  • LED low power indication: a red light will flash when battery level is low.
  • A fully functional multi-dog training system for versatile training scenarios.
  • Features an 8-second safety timeout to prevent excessive correction.
  • Comes with a warranty for assured quality and satisfaction.

Additional Training Remote System Information

Package Contents:

  • (x1) Training Remote
  • (x1) Lanyard
  • (x1) AC Charging Adapter for Receiver Collar and Training Remote
  • (x1) 2-in-1 USB Charging Cable for Receiver Collar and Training Remote
  • (x1) Receiver with Black Collar—Fits dog’s necks up to 30in
  • (x1) Pair of Large Receiver Collar Spring Tips
  • (x1) Pair of Medium Receiver Collar Spring Tips                            
  • (x1) Pair of Small Receiver Collar Tips (solid metal, no spring)
  • (x1) Pair of (optional) Conductive Collar Receiver Rubber Tips
  • (x1) Static Stimulation Tester

Product Dimensions:

  • Training Remote with Antenna – 6in x 2in x 1.25in
  • Collar Receiver (measured without strap and contact tips): – 3.5in x 1.25in x 1.25in

Product Weights:

  • Training Remote with Antenna – 3.25oz
  • Collar Receiver (measured without strap and contact tips): – 2.75oz
  • DFP-TRNREM-KT Full Kit - 2lb 4oz


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